About SaolaChain

SaolaChain is a global freelance platform that offers reliable freelance solutions using decentralised technology such as blockchain and smart contract. This interactive platform helps employers to find the right freelancers and vice versa. We have backed up our ecosystem with a Binance Smart Chain based token to promote an exquisite user experience among members. SaolaChain understands how freelancers have been tormented with huge commission fees by other freelance websites and are committed to reducing this fee with blockchain technology. SaolaChain offers freelancers an opportunity to manage their professional profiles using a digital identity, which protects them from theft and fraud.

SaolaChain Mission

SAOLACHAIN aims to redefine the employment sector with the integration of blockchain technology thereby ensuring verification and transparency in data for both :

🔶Companies 🔶Freelancer

SAOLACHAIN offers the future of the freelancing sector. It can also be regarded as the decentralized uber for the workforce. It will help a group of professionals across the globe to access jobs and coaching. It will enhance their reputation and protecting their work with the aid of invoicing and copyright tools.

SaolaChain Product

We will split this entire platform into 4 products.

Saola Work

Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses Platform

Saola Swap

Defi automated market maker (AMM) Binance Smart Chain network.

Saola S2E

Saola Share to Earn Share your link and Get reward from every person who visit your link

Saola Wallet

Saola Wallet is your most trusted and secure crypto wallet.

SaolaChain Solutions

Tokens Details

Tokens Supply
Token Symbol
Tokens Sale
Binance Smart Chain
Private Sale Dec 2021
Presale I Jan 2022
Presale II Feb 2022
IDO & IEO Feb 2022
Market Listing March 2022

Token Allocation Forecast


2021 Q1 Concept
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2021 Q2 Research
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
2021 Q3 Design
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
2021 Q4 Development
  • Development of the system’s website
2022 Q1 Token Sale
  • Private Sale and Partnership for the future EcoSystem
  • Preparation for the launch of Presale & IDO/IEO
2022 Q2 Beta Test
  • Development of a test version of the platform
  • Launch of beta platform
2022 Q3 Mobile App
  • Launch Saola Mobile platform
  • Conducting a promotional campaign
2022 Q4 Update
  • Platform update and fixing bugs
  • SaolaChain Update Platform

Contact SaolaChain

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  • info@saolachain.com
  • @SaolaChain